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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Things are looking down

I am having a completely terrible time finding a job. You would think with years of experience in some of the hippest (the word is kind of gross) retail stores, shops might give a shit to hire me. Well...then you would be wrong. I can't even get Urban to call me back even though i was there for like a year and a half.
But my quest to actually find a career job instead of some shitty place is not ending! I've officially tapped into my savings and realized spending $2000 during the month of August just on going out may not be my best options right now.
I've had about 2039482034 interviews a week. I've interviewed with Juicy Couture, have yet to hear back. I had a great opportunity with a corporation here doing event planning, but I suppose someone was better qualified than me because i haven't heard back from that either. I even emailed about a 'matchmaker' and 'trivia host' position. Well the trivia guy wanted $5000 up front so i decided not to do it.

it is dropping down to the 60s or 70s at this point, which is just too cold for me. but winter is like hibernation extreme. so i can definitely say i had an absolutely amazing and awesome summer. sami and dom have become very close friends to me and they are my champion drinking buddies for sure. it's weird that it's practically an iup reunion whenever i go out, but i've managed to meet a good base of people.
i have no plans to leave pittsburgh, which is the exact opposite of what i thought would happen when i moved here. but there's a good amount of things to do, a good amount of culture, and people that actually give a shit about you. But everyone's right in saying stylewise-pittsburgh is 10 years behind every other city


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