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Thursday, September 25, 2008

More interviews

Well I had about 3 last week and 3 scheduled this week. I ran into a friend from York County and she mentioned going to a very revolving door type place where I can get commission on non-profit telemarketing. Sounds alright for awhile. I also have an interview for some insurance company, but considering it's 24 7/365 I'd have any shift they decide to give me. I interview with Ulta tomorrow, as a make up artist. Well, no experience there, but since i've had experience so far and can't get a job maybe that'll be a blessing! I interviewed for a great position with the convention center here yesterdday and would be awesome for it, but I guess I'll have to wait that out.
Other than that, I have 2 guest bartending spots coming up in the next month. And i've decided what to be for halloween.


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