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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I'm not going to deny that the "underground hardcore/emo" music scene has changed from 6 years ago, and from even 3 years ago. Sure, now these bands can be scene on MTV, you have to attend a stadium or large club to see them perform, and it seems everyone I went to high school who had no idea about this kind of music then but is in love with Fall Out Boy, Alkaline Trio, and Hawthorne Heights.

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I could always go to a show and know right away which guys were in the bands-sure they were older and a little dirtier, but mostly because they seemed so hip on the trends. Well the fans were bound to copy their roll models. So this "fashioncore" isn't based around all the 15 year olds, it's all these kids trying to look like the bands who are the basis of "the community". I do agree that it's a shame everyone looks the same now, but i also find it ironic these hardcore fans are using "Scenester Space For the Masses"-My Space to get across a non-scenester message.


Blogger Robert said...

i'm the leader of the fashioncore movement, and i'm out to destroy all that once was "hardkor."

don't tell anyone, though, k?

9:39 AM

Blogger Emerson said...

Ah, the wheel of life spins round and round. Everything just repeats in cycles. The past is the future is the present.

(Am I pretentious enough fer ya?!)

3:21 PM

Blogger Ratface said...

Em, As long as you're wearing your sisters jeans, than no!

5:56 PM


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