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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


i'm not one to complain.

well that might be a lie-but at least i call it venting.

i am one to say if you hate your life, do something to change it though. but really?

i just put $900 in my car, after paying it off 2 months ago, and the gears started slipping as i pulled away from the mechanic's garage.
i feel like i have lost my best friend of 4 years and that i'll never meet someone like that again in my life
my 'vacation' was supposed to be a blast and a good time, but it turned into a babysitting trip of my drunk friend who misplaced my chi hair straightener, a fight with my ex boyfriend who ditched me for a new girl, and cold weather
i dont think i've ever lived somewhere where people talk about each other and gossip about friends as much as here
my credit card company pretends that i dont pay my bill every month and wants to charge me $40 for that
i dont like my job. at all. but i realize unemployment will not pay my bills and there's not much else available right now in pittsburgh
i dont like my hair right now at all
im looking forward to starting my business, but have been such a perfectionist about it that i think i'm a bad photographer and no one will enjoy the pictures
i can't decide if dating a guy that's been nicer to me than anything other guy i've ever met is a good idea or not. i think being by myself is a better choice-why?
and i hate complaining

haha full circle there. oh well. at least i have a company to start. and my mom has actually been really awesome lately-and my family in general! and i have a place to live with a best friend roommate. and it's summer.

whatever...'blog venting'


Blogger C Los Run said...

If you can't complain to blogger, who can you complain to.. hah

8:46 PM


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