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Monday, July 21, 2008

I got my first paycheck in 2 1/2 months!

It's been a little bit over 2 months since I officially moved and left. I've started work and it's interesting to see how waking up in my house, putting on a work outfit and getting ready, and walking downstairs for my day of work will work out. It's lonely and boring because no one is around all day so i like it when friends come over just to sit in the next room and watch tv. And i did just buy a boombox so i can listen to the rap station and have it be like my old job.
Pittsburgh has also been pretty good. I'm really into finding different (and free) things to do around the city to discover the culture. Last weekend we went to a galley crawl. There's also movies every sunday night in oakland which has an amazing view. I tried to go to a free PSO in the park concert, but it got rained out.

We had a house party this weekend which was pretty fun. I was a bit dissapointed that it wasn't anywhere near the ragers we had in Vegas, but nothing seems to be as wild and crazy as Vegas was.
I'm looking forward to Todd's visits so I can go to some of the museums and galleries and I can't wait to go to a Pirates Game!
I love the location of my place, I can walk to plenty of bars, restaurants, a movie theater, vintage shops, and all my friends houses.
There's a lot to discover here, but unfortunately everyone i know has lived here their whole lives so it isn't too exciting for them. I guess i'll go out to eat by myself or just wait for visitors so I can find all that's great in Pittsburgh