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Thursday, June 14, 2007

10 Everlasting tips for love

They should probably start with "don't get mad about everything" or "stop judging on size." Maybe those are just my everlasting tips on love....

So msn advises on the following:

Know what you want
. I know i'd like to date a performer in thunder from down under. but i guess eventually, once we get married, he'll want us to raise our family in australia. and i just don't know if i'll be ready for that!

Get clear about what you don't want
. Knowing what you really can't tolerate in a partner is important. Make a list of your "don't wants" and then cut it down to the 10 most important. Any more than that and you'll be too picky. Here's my top 10:
1. Being really negative
2. Not being interested in what i do/what i'm interested in
3. Doesn't like my friends or family
4. Doesn't like to have sex
5. Isn't fun or funny
6. Is even more dramatic than me
7. Has a neck beard
8. Wants to get tribal armband tattoos
9. Doesn't think i'm super sexy
10. Nags me

Live your life

See the big picture.

Get out of the house
. like those couples i hate who only stay in the house and hang around each other

Open your eyes and your attitude

Get curious.

Try something new.

Expect good luck.

Learn from bad luck


I hate practicing the oboe. I love playing-but man do i hate everything that comes along with it. I made myself practice last night and the 2 everlasting reeds i've had for 2 years are completely shot. I attempted to stay home all day Sunday to make some new reeds for the first time in 6 months. But I tried them yesterday and they are completely horrible.
It's so discouraging to practice when you sound like shit. Nothing comes out right, you don't feel like you can hit notes or tongue right or get your fingers on track. I really need to get on the ball and start making reeds-if i want to do this for the rest of my life, i may as well start now.
I don't want to sound like shit for Hilary's recital! haha.

Friday, June 08, 2007

My thunder was rolling

Hilary's trip has been pretty darn good so far. Sami and Alex came down for a night and we all rolled to the Double Down and Beauty Bar. The night ended (extremely late) with sparklers.
We went to the Hash House for breakfast, Firefly for dinner, and headed to Golden Nugget for pool action! We splashed around a lot, slid down the slide, and looked at sharks.
But most importantly-we went to see Thunder From Down Under last night!!
It turns out my roommate's girlfriend is the tour manager for the male revue show which means not only did we score the best seats in the house, but i'm asking her to score a date for me too! (hopefully there's some straight ones)
At the opening number, one of the three hottest guys came up to me, kissed me on the cheek, and put my hands on his ass. Let's just say-it was harder than a rock. No really-harder. During the second guy's solo number, Hilary got invited on stage. She got a lap dance and rubbed down the stripper. But here's the best part-her boob was hanging out the whole time!! The last solo dancer (and obviously the most perfect looking man i've ever seen in my life) took a water bottle and poured it all over his body. Then he took my glasses and wiped them off.....with his balls. I put them right back on-well, after rubbing the glasses all over my body.
It has been the highlight of her trip and one of the best things i've ever seen! I hope i go again when i'm getting married (to one of the dancers that is)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Sorry, Steve

A message from my ex boyfriend:

"dude. youre going to take this the wrong way, but whatever, someone needs to tell you. someone from outside your friend realm...

you come off as gross. not funny, not cute, not anything but gross, unless youre some gutter fucking punk douche.

youre 24. grow up.

talk shit on me, hate me, take it as you will. i'm telling you from experience of actually being in the real world and living life for the last few years. you could tell any of your friends about this email and theyll tell you i suck because i am too p.c. or whatever, but i feel you need to hear this from someone besides your normal clique.

ive held my tongue for a while now, but come on. the way youre doing things and living life are pathetic at your age. Youre an amazing oboe player and could be showcasing your talent across the U.S. to numerous people, orchestras, anything. You could be doing so much better than you are, but you choose to live a mediocre-at-best life.

your life seems cool, but it wont seem that way a couple years from now when youre almost 30 and still living in shitty houses with going-nowhere roommates.

whatever path you choose in life, just remember to live it for you and not to make others happy. theres so much more out there to experience the right way.

i can picture you thinking i'm saying this because i think i'm better than you, but that;s not the case, I just feel you could be doing so much better for yourself.

take care.


ah, myspace. where perception is reality. i could let this go, and not make fun, but really-that's why i have a blog!

So, as a 23 year old, i guess it's just crazy that i haven't lived in the real world yet. Afterall, I would consider living in 5 different cities and paying every bill on my own proooobably the same thing as a fake world. 70 hour work weeks, having fun every day of my life, trying out different things, and playing and managing music is obviously a mediocre life. If only i could have a steady, boring day job, a husband and kids, and make loads and loads of money-I would have the best life ever!

If anyone knows me, hell if anyone even reads this blog on a regular basis, they will know the number one thing that's important to me in life. Not money, not where i live, not my career, not my friends, not my family-happiness. And I tend not to get along with people who don't have that same goal in life. Happiness is something i strive for everyday whether it's through trying to sell enough rooms at work, making the perfect reed, seeing how ridiculous and drunk i can get, sewing the perfect shirt, or just sitting at home realizing i've probably lived more in my life, at 23, then people who stay in the same city, in the same job, with the same people, ever will. No one will ever tell me what to do with my life and no one will ever know me as well as i do.

My ex doesn't phase me. There's a reason negative people aren't in my life anymore. I may be gross, i may pee in public, i may get drunk a lot, bla bla bla-i know i'm a good person. There's a reason my boss wouldn't let me quit and gave me a raise, a reason i've made so many friends here, a reason (most of) my ex boyfriends call me back to say sorry they were jerks. I'm extremely satisfied with the person i am at this point in my life, and i will be when i'm 30.

So for my ex boyfriend and anyone who wants to assume and perceive someone from pictures and surveys,

Take care.


Monday, June 04, 2007

First Friday

Todd and i used to reflect, monthly, on every First Friday celebration to think about how different our lives are month to month. In fact, I probably wrote a blog about this one previous First Friday.
Last year at this time, I had just moved to Las Vegas, I was going out every night, I didn't have many bills-but my only job was Urban Outfitters so I wasn't making too much money either. I was having a lot of fun exploring the town and meeting lots of new people.
July arrived, I discovered the popular places to go, and picked up a new job for more money. August came and it was my birthday. I was a drunken mess at the Art Bar, Big Johns, and some random sushi joint. I had started dating a guy and it was my first realization that dudes from Las Vegas are fucked up.
I stopped drinking and September rolled around. I was at the art bar thinking about how I just wrecked my car, i owed my Mom $400, i had moved into a house with my own room, and i was running out of money quickly. And the next day I broke up with that crazy dude.
In October, I can't remember if i ended up at First Friday, but nonetheless I picked up a new crazy cokehead and another job.
December was the last First Friday with Todd and Mike and we headed downtown. I made a fool of myself in front of Adam West, some Santa Claus in a wheelchair, and we enjoyed our time at Art Bar and Slanted Clam. I was upset my best friends were leaving me, but glad that Morgan was still going to be around.
Weather was cold and First Friday was useless winter months.
April came and Melinda and i came out of First Friday hibernation. We celebrated at the Bunkhouse while Venessa's band played and i was-as ush-a drunk mess. I met a guy (actually 2) that night and proceeded to the Slanted Clam.
May was more drunken debauchery with Melinda and Chantal and that same dude-but we preferred the Double Down this time around.
June's First Friday has passed and Todd was back for it! I can't wait until next month with Mike again as well. We didn't even make it to downtown because the Double Down and Bunkhouse were fun enough.

Soooo...maybe the months haven't changed that month. I go to the same bars, get really ridiculous, hang out with my really fun friends, meet a guy that turns out crazy, and look forward to the next month. Now that i think about it, First Friday is what i look forward to every month because i do know what's coming. So no matter if I'm broke, have 4 jobs, or different people are around-I'm still having a really good time here.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Easy Antagonist

I was listening to the Adam Corolla show this morning, like most days on the way to work, and I heard some interesting information. If a girl is antagonistic, likes to pick fights and be argumentative, she's easy. Well i just happen to be sarcastic and love to pick fights and be bitchy - so it's true!