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Thursday, May 27, 2010

The month of shoes

I work a job where I don't dress up anymore, so it was time to clear my closets of some of my least favorite outfits that were just around for work purposes. I threw away a lot of sweaters and some ill fitting dress pants. The only things I couldn't part with? My shoes. All 49 of them.
Looking at tumblr and different style blogs, I get really antsy for some new heels. I'm also pretty in love with these

But what could I possibly need another pair of heels for when I don't wear everything I own now? So my mission this month: wear every pair of shoes I own at least once.

So far this week, I've been able to pull out 4 looks.
These wedges are actually pretty comfortable. They're fun and colorful, so wearing them with something simple is easy. I wanted a chance to wear these pants though

These boots are my favorite shoes. I barley ever wear them, because shockingly, they're not too functionable. They only look good with shorty shorts or leggings. But I got a romper and some gold chains and threw em on!

I needed a pair of summer sandals. I really hate that 'let's put this annoying piece of material in between your toes' part, but oh well. The belt had little bobbles that totally matched the shoes. They look at lot less silver in person too, so the belt and shoes matched well.

My friend and I are big hot dog fans. I also have a hard time resisting cute, cheesy clothes with food on them. Hence, the hot dog slipons while at Hot Franks

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