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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Todd emailed me worried about my last post so i suppose i should have written that it actually turned out to be one of the most hilarious stories ever.
After talking it over with all my roommates and friends, we didn't feel bad at all about what happened. So somebody is pulling some pranks in the neighborhood, but it's very obvious that the cops are friends with our neighbors and are just trying to scare us or make us angry. So even though Sami OWNS our house, the neighbor tattled on us to her parents. Like she can't handle herself.

Ironically enough, my roommates car got fucked with the next night. And i was woken up by some drunken people on my street and a car alarm. hmm.........

In other news, it's very interesting to be applying for jobs that i need a college degree for. It's nice going into an interview where people are happy to see that i attended IUP instead of it not mattering. But in bad news, salaries in Pittsburgh are ridiculously low.

Friday, August 15, 2008


You know when cops came and used a helicopter to search for my friend Liz i excused it. I excused the face that they put my friends and i in handcuffs for wearing black and having tattoos because we went slip n sliding. I'm sure that's a huge offense and one of the worst things you could do on an elementary school's grounds in Las Vegas...
But really. Maybe I was being mouthy to them because I found it very offensive that they would accuse us of stealing or breaking into the school because we were young and wearing black. But that's when I learned to shut my mouth around cops.
Or maybe when the cop called us out on being the only young, white kids in our neighborhood and the reason we got robbed is because it was an 'inside job'. I mean forget the fact that my roommates are sitting there wearing their military uniforms. It couldn't be any of the poor, violent, underpriveleged kids that live there-it had to be us. An inside job
But I am not going to fucking excuse shit today. I woke up at 7:30 am to our neighbors banging on our door. Not my biggest deal-it was almost time to get up and continue my job search. But they accused somebody in my house of 'breaking into' their jeep. (i questioned, was anything stolen? they were offended at the question and said. ugh, no...but it was played around with) when one guy left my house to go to work, they chased him down and said he had to wait until the cops got there. really? an illegal house arrest by my neighbors?
point being, when the cops got there, insisted on taking my info (apparenlty a passport isn't as good as license. and god forbid my phone number area code does not match my living address). and only heard my neighbors side of the story. some guy in a white shirt opened a jeep with an automatic lock, played with the club inside the jeep, shut the door, and then walked down our alley way.
I tried to say 'our alley way is always unlocked, it clearly could have been someone else' or 'have you seen anyone here yet that was the person you saw in the car?' but it didn't matter what i said. the cops kept cutting me off saying 'i know you're hiding your friend in there that did it. and you just wait-when you get to be 50 years old and your kids are living with you, you won't want this shit to happen. you're still in school and you do'nt get it!'
really?? cause we all have jobs. we all have to wake up at 8 am for our jobs. so because we're 25 and fresh out of college and have tattoos and are shocked at people banging on our door at 7 am we're obviously the fucking culprit.

I get so angry when people look at me and think i'm an idiot because i'm young. I have absolutely no time to explain that I have a college degree. I graduated with a 3.9 Does that mean something? Absolutely. It means don't call me an idiot like you do. Don't talk down to me because you think age makes a difference in respect. It doesn't. I will never get along with authority figures that think they have a right to boss me around because they're an authority figure. A cop pulls me over because i'm speeding? Absolutly I will respect that. My house party is too loud? Call the cops on me-I deserve it! But fuck people that accuse me of shit because i don't 'have the right look' or i'm not 'of the age' to understand what's going on.