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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Oboe Time!

Yes, i change my life plan every month. OK, every week. But i got a call from my orchestra director last Friday night asking me to attend UNLV-I wouldn't have to pay. But I don't want to get a master's degree at another IUP band school with the big fish in a little pond complex.
Though my fear of being a professional oboe player is rejection, not being good enough, and never winning auditions-such a school would seem perfect. But the thought of grad school was always a conservatory to me.
My teacher was ecstatic and just waiting for this call for 2 years about when my vagabond lifestyle would finally retire. She offered some suggestions and told me to look into Oberlin because the teacher, Alex Klein, is easily "the best oboe player in the world right now." I should also check out Temple for Richard Woodhams of the Philadelphia Orchestra, Roosevelt because I like Chicago, and Boston University for all the pops and symphony faculty. She thinks I would benefit much more from an excellent orchestral player and teacher who can tell me how everything should be played, prepare me correctly for auditions, and look good on my resume.
I started to look at tuition costs ranging from $24000-$35000 and am starting to get discouraged already. But if i want a conservatory, I have to pay conservatory prices. I'm also worried about the audition process-but then I looked up Cleveland Institute, Cincinnati, New England, Yale, Manhattan, Mannes, Eastman...there's a ton out there that I'm sure I can manage to get in at least one!

I have about 9 months to prepare. Practicing always scares me a bit-there's so much to play and I don't know how to organize it well enough to keep up on etudes, scales, and just general technical building, but also kick ass at some concertos. So I've decided to write my daily work and alternate weekly between the Strauss and Mozart Concerti and my excerpts and etudes. (I'm sure this is very exciting to y'all).

Monday, April 23, 2007

In the 90's

Hilary was talking about some sweet 90's jeans that she may or may not have seen on a recent date. And by sweet, i mean not at all. Though skinny jeans on men aren't my favorite, i do admit i like some fashion with the changing times-tighter, straight legged, stretch material-they all work.

I came across this site while trying to make fun of my sister. I would like to admit I was definitely a wearer of the following

The Babydoll dress. I specifically remember this in my 7th grade school pictures. or 6th grade-one of those I just looked like a tiny boy.

Mini backpack. I wish i had this at the wigger party.

Butterfly clips-i actually hated these and never wore them. i would hate when girls would wear like 10 at the front of their hair like a little crown.

Cargo Pants. Purchased at Hills!

Doc Martens. I got my first pair in 7th grade at a store in NYC. and i still have 3 pairs in my closet.

Hawaiin shirts-it was totally ska

Plastic Bracelets. I thought this was more of a total emo thing in high school.

Platforms. I got a black rubber pair at Value City in 8th grade.

Flared Jeans. Adam convinced me of this my first year of high school. They did look way better than baggy or tappered jeans. Paris Blues or LEI were my favorite brands-from the DEB shop that is.

Tommy clothes. Usually just for wiggers, but Tommy Girl was really cute! And i got it at the outlets in Reading when Hilary went to Junior Miss. Dave Toner used to make fun of me real bad for that.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Young and Restless

An old friend from college was visiting Vegas and i met up with him last night. He was enamored with this town: gambling, partying, inexpensive, constant fun. He graduates in a month and is ready to go anywhere the job takes him, with a hope for Las Vegas.
I was looking up the best and fastest growing cities the young college educated choose to live. It seems Atlanta is at the top of the list with Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, Ashville, Nashville, and Austin behind. Cities look to keep young people very occupied with strips of bars and easy transportation, and young people look to cities to give them culture, diversity, and lots of things to do.
Vegas wasn't on a lot of the lists, but it's understandble why young people would want to move here. Aaron was saying he'd move here. Party all the time. So what if he didn't save any money-breaking even would be fine, and all it would take would be 1 or 2 years of his life to just live it up. I guess I've done that. Partying all the time loses it's glamour when you've run out of money though. Places, people, and drunkness all starts to feel the same. But when he said that, I realize it was incredibly awesome to take a year and just have fun!