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Thursday, October 22, 2009


Well i got sick with the flu/a severe cold/i'm not really sure, so maybe my food problem feeling was due to the illnes.

to start again, today i ate:

oatmeal at 9am....felt fine

flavored pretzels at 11:20 am....a little bloated, but mostly felt alright

lobster/cauliflour puree soup and chopped salad 2 rolls at 1pm...felt very bloated after the soup and roll. felt like the food was just sitting on top of my stomach

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Diet Blog

Sorry if you come across this blog expecting something ALL of my previous posts were...but I know have to turn this in to a 'i think i'm hypoglycemic/should watch my diet of doritos in beer/this is how i'm keeping track of it' blog.

So....DAY 1:

2 scrambled eggs @ 10:20
oatmeal @ 11:05

....feeling fine!...

cheese curls and reeses peanut butter cup @ 1:00

...feeling alright...

mashed potatoes and a bit of pork leftovers @ 3
sprite @ 3:45

...shaky, lightheaded, hot, faint, tingly...

fiber 1 bar @ 4:15

...still feeling lightheaded, nauceous...

popcorn @ 6:45

...laid down, feeling a bit better, got up and walked around...

indian mushroom/chicken/cauliflower and brown rice dinner

...neaceous, lightheaded...

mac n cheese tv dinner @ midnight

...feeling better, but ready for bed...