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Monday, August 27, 2007

Past Week

Because so many people are interested in how my life has been going lately. And all those people read my blog (aka my sister, who i tell my life to on a daily basis):

I had two auditions the past weekend. The first was for UNLV-i don't go there and i don't play in anything but the sight-reading symphony. Nonetheless, it was a chance to play some excerpts in front of conductors and get some feedback. They were very impressed, invited me to play in any of the ensembles, and gave me some advice on confidence, speed, and smoothness in my selections. I played the next day for the Henderson Symphony. I was quite impressed how I did with the Don Juan excerpt. The Mozart Concerto went alright, I need a lot of work on it still though. I've been working on long phrases and trying to get through them without too many breaths and I managed to do it. The panal was saying 'when do you breathe! Oh man!' But it turns out Henderson does not have an opening, but I will be on the sub list. I was glad to play in front of important people and work on my nerves.

In other news, Bethany's visit thus far has left me pretty wiped out. I guess my constant drunken escapades last year could be healed by sleeping in everyday till about 12 everyday before work. But I haven't gotten much sleep now, and I'm buying everyone elses drinks. We saw Thunder From Down Under again and managed to sit in the booth that the performers not on stage stood behind. Um, wow. I don't think I've seen anyone as hot as that in person...ever. And wow for one of them dancing to "OO Wa a a a". We've seen Fremont Street, walked a bit of the strip, gambled 25 cents, watched Metal Skool and a baseball game, passed out while waiting for breakfast at Arizona Charlies, and shopped at the Swap Meet. Today is her birfday and we're going to explore the glorious bars of Las Vegas. It's been so good to talk in a Hanoverian accent, enjoy the Stillers, and talk about everything IUP. But i have one day of rest and then Morgan visits. Whew, what a way to end summer 07.

I've also been doing quite well at week. I made about 10 grand in one month. I don't know how much I'll be able to keep this up, but I've definitely made a good start on my goal for $14,000 by August 08 for school, cross country trip, and possibly Europe. Oh, and my goddamn root canal.

Update complete.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Breaking Up Isn't Hard to Do. And is a stupid study.

....says Yahoo News.

Is this really an area of research? Were the findings THAT shocking?

"they found the more people were in love, the harder they took the breakup. People who are more in love really are a little more upset after a breakup"

What's crazy is that I couldn't have figured this out on my own. I would think that a dude I met one night would upset me just as much as the guy I've been dating the past two years. NOT. Unlike this story, they say about breakups: "At the end of the day it, it is just less bad than you thought."

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Visits and Vacations 07

Last summer was my first in Vegas. It was nuts-I was working stupid jobs so I went out every night, met a whole bunch of people, and partied a lot. I've gotten a more solid job this year, I'm making more money, and I definitely go out but not as much. Instead, I've enjoyed the summer months by going on lots of trips and looking forward to visitors.
I took a road trip to San Diego with some girlfriends and swam in the ocean, saw seals, ate seafood, and hung out on cliffs. I went to San Francisco and did a couple touristy things, ate more seafood, and saw how hilly the city was. And I will going to Portland in October.
As the summer ends, I'm also getting visitors! It's pretty common for people I know to come through here. They don't spend their entire time with me but I like to meet up. But my sister came to spend the whole time with me in June. It was so much fun and we did a lot i wouldn't have done otherwise. Now it's Bethany's turn and she arrives tomorrow! She drinks quite a bit more than my sister, but she also doesn't like to see as many naked men or care about awesome restaurants as much. So I've made up this itinerary:
After her plane comes in on Wed, we go to the Art Bar and walk the strip a bit, then go to dinner at Dick's ( They encourage the waiters to act like jerks and there's nobody better to go with than her! Then we'll head over to open bar at the top of the stratosphere (maybe even take a ride at the top on the ones that always break). We might head to Dodgeball late that night. Thursday we'll head to Seamless for their vodka open bar and boobies, then go to Metal Skool!!. Todd and Sarah can take her out after that because I'm going to need to catch up on sleep. Friday we'll go to the open bar/free buffet at Treasures, see Thunder From Down Under!, and I was hoping to go to the sweet live performance/4 star Elvis Restaurant, but it's closed. So we'll have to go to Freemont and see all the crackheads! Saturday night all my friends will be attending the Guttermouth show where we will drink and be merry. After a Sunday morning breakfast and bloody mary, Monday is Bethany's birthday. This is when I plan to tour my favorite (and soon to be hers) bars: Double Down, Dive Bar, Crowne and Anchor, Slanted Clam, Emergency Room, Hogs n Heffers, and Bunkhouse. Then we drunkenly get home, and she leaves.
Next, Morgan's itin!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ryon Triplets

I've never liked kids-especially babies. I didn't hold my first one until I was 18 years old. And the only time I've babysat is with Maria-just about 2 years ago. I don't know what to do with babies: pet them? make stupid gaga noises? pat them on the back when the cry? make faces until they start laughing?
Well since my nephew has been born, and since I hung out with him, fed him, held him, changed his diaper, and saw that my bro and sis were totally cool around him, i don't mind babies so much anymore. I even see them on tv and say 'aww how cute'. I'm even excited for my coworkers baby shower to talk about diapers and play baby games (it'll be my first shower.) I like buying cute onesies and clothes.
But I guess I'll have to see if i start actually liking toddlers and kids, because right now they still annoy the hell out of me. As Max grows up, I'm sure I'll get more used to it.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

damn you, yale

I've narrowed down some choices for schools. What I'd like to spend (waste?) money on for applications, where I'd want to fly to for one day to auditions, bla bla bla. I thought i could avoid taking the GRE because a) i am absolutely awful at these tests and do horribly and b) it will probably set me back a hundred or so.
But if i want to consider Yale and Northwestern, it looks like I'm going to need to start studying and take it! I took some of the 'sample' test on the website. Ya, i got about 1 out of 10 right. This is going to be a nightmare!
Along with that, I have to come up with an essay about what I hope to get out of this degree. Do they really read this? Every hopeful musician saying "I'd like to get a sweet gig out of school. And since I'm paying 30 grand a year to study with you, i'm hoping it works"

So far my thoughts are on Yale, Mannes, Temple, Manhatten, Julliard, Cleveland, Northwestern. I'm going to need to start making a checklist for all the shit these places require.

Monday, August 13, 2007

le professional

that just reminded me how much i hate the use of 'le sigh'

anyway, sighs all gone, i was getting really sick of practicing lately. my reeds only work well when it's rainy and muggy outside. i live in las vegas, so that's about 3 days out of the year. but lately it's been rainy, and i'm somewhat happy with my playing. But practicing the same solos and excerpts is getting so boring! i'm driven for a january grad school audition, but it's so far away.
Then i got a call and an email from the UNLV orchestra director. He's invited me to play again this year and to practice my auditioning skills with the rest of the students coming in. He's also told me when the auditions for the Henderson Symphony are. I'm not even sure if there are oboe openings or if it's anything more than volunteer, but the next 2 weeks finally give me something to look forward to! I have a reason to practice, so wish me good luck!