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Friday, December 22, 2006

A Day at the Spa

And it's not just a clever title. I finally used Hilarys and Steve's birthday present to the Aladin Spa and got a special head treatment/massage. It was so relaxing! I'd reccommend it to any (super rich) person all the time! I go in and they tell me to put on a robe and slippers and i can sit in the spa or the jacuzzi. So i sat in the spa and then Shirley started on my head. She put lavender around for aromatherapy and massaged me for about 20 or 30 minutes. I was pretty much falling asleep from relaxation. Then she washed my hair in something glorious and now it feels as nice as my cat's and shines like it's wet! I wonder what it would look like if i got the treament back in April when my hair was severly unhealthy. It's not doing too badly right now.

Speaking of hair, I went to 3121 and Tangerine wearing my wig. Either it's a much bigger meat market than Pure, or people actually noticed me because i had long hair. Hilarious to me-but the place was way small and crowded. Cool to go to a club though.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Job number 7

That's right-7 different jobs in one year. Let go/fired/whatever the hell you want to call it....again. The reason? They don't even know!
I can't help but be discouraged that my suma cum laude graduated self is not good enough for most positions and overqualifies me for the rest of them. Am i supposed to lie and say, I barely graduated high school and i've been working at the same dead end job for 4 years? That's much more desirable to employers.
But my friends say "you don't want a job that unstable anyway" and my parents say "keep your head up, you'll find something", and 3 days later-i'm over it. Like i wrote in a past blog, i wish i got over dudes as fast as jobs.
There's another one out there, it will be easy to get, it'll be more fun and probably have nicer people than the last place, and i can go back to my party lifestyle i left for 2 weeks! My oboe teacher still has faith in me and just shrugs it off that I'll be a vagabond for a couple more years and then find my callilng as a musician.

In good job news, working for Caesar's Palace has some good benefits. Like the free tickets i just scored to 3121, Prince's new Vegas club, to see Maceo Parker, James Brown's saxophonist. I'm going to act all sophisticated and jazzlike with my brotha from anotha motha, Elon. Not to mention the perk that I can easily transfer to work as shop girl to Vince Neil's new tattoo shop.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Question #5

For those of you who don't live in Las Vegas (aka, the 3 of you who read this blog), Question #5 was put on the voting ballot this year to see if Las Vegas natives would like to ban smoking in bars that serve food. It was actually worded with the intent of keeping smoking away from children like around nursery schools, etc. To explain the Las Vegas bar scene: almost every dive bar, gaming bar, and restaurant serves food 24/7, and almost everywhere serves drinks. In other words, it has a huuuge effect.
After the vote passed for the ban on that November tuesday, we were out and about drinking and getting a reaction from some bartenders who work in eat and drink establishments. Maaaan, were they pissed. They're convinced it will take people away from gambling because they'll have to go outside to smoke or they will go to bars where no food is served. That makes sense.
I didn't really care which way the vote went. When i'm in NYC, i sneak a smoke inside the bar or i just join the outside party where it seems more people are anyway. And when i'm in las vegas, i sit around with my friends at a bar or a show, enjoy a beer, and usually a few cloves or cigarettes throughout the night. But lately, whether it is due to my lupus/scurvy/dying sickness or not, I've steered clear of cigarettes and bars because the smoke certainly isn't helping my lungs get any better. I went out last night for the first time in about 2 weeks and couldn't breath too well this morning because I had to gasp in an assload of smoke while i sat around talking and drinking. Now that i've really had time to think about it and i'm happier being healthy than enjoying a buzz everynow and then, i really like the idea of non-smoking bars. So yes, i'll still smell like ass but get a full bar experience at the Double Down, because they don't serve food. But i can also enjoy some nachos without a bunch of smoke going down my throat somewhere else.

Aside from my opinion, I'm really getting annoyed at the responses/articles I've been reading in the Weekly. Some woman wrote in saying "I'm sick of people forcing their healthy lifestyle on me." I didn't realize simply going outside to smoke was such a huge lifestyle change. Or (like I should even be surprised to see Las Vegans passing their own problem's off on someone else), the article "Curse you Californians" explains why people here hate the healthy/environment friendly invasion from our next door neighbors and that's why the vote passed. Clearly no one from here wanted it. Or this editorial where the author admits he only smokes because he's drinking, but hell he should be allowed to do whatever he wants wherever he wants!

It is odd to me that out of any city, "Sin City" seems like it should be a vacation away from the norm, the healthy, and the moralistic lifestyle. (is that even a word?) There should be sex everywhere, booze on every corner, and cigarettes allowed in bars. But this is a home to many people and not just a vacation spot, so i guess they count too.

Monday, December 11, 2006


I bought a Christmas dress for my work holiday party. We also got a very nice Christmas tree that makes our house smell amazing. I made some hot chocolate last night and Morgan and I stringed popcorn for decorations! (and found out it takes a lot more poopcorn than i thought). Then we sat and watched holiday Lifetime movies all night. Ahhh the holidaze.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Reason for the Season

I love Christmas! There's not too many lights on houses, no one i know here really wants to go spend time with family, trees are probably about $100, but i'm going to try to do as many festive things as i can! Starting with watching the Tree Lightning Ceremony at Freemont Street. It was Todd's last night in town so we went and saw the Freemont Experience play some new holiday show on the big screen, hear a not-so-wonderful teenager sing a pop carol, and feel fake snow fall on us from the cieling fans. I also enjoy all the decorations the hotels have put up-I really like the big red balls at the Mirage! I think i will do what my coworker said, and make it a point to see all the decorations at all the hotels. I may also ask my Uncle Rod for his egg nog recipe and have a dinner party with that and cookies the night before i leave for home.
It's certainly not Pennsylvania because the warm weather and no snow doesn't feel too holidayish, but I got all my shopping done in one day. And i'm pretty excited about the presents i got for everybody.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bringin' Sickness Back

The bubonic plague? Scurvy? Botulism? I really have no idea what is wrong with me, but my teeth are suddenly overly sensitive, my gums just randomly bleed, i cough myself awake at night, and my entire left leg looks like an extreme case of the chicken pox. At this point i'm diagnosing myself with anything even remotely possible. I love not having insurance.

But speaking of insurance, my work today introduced me to Aflac. Including a stuffed, quacking duck on the table. It's a pretty interesting and affordable concept. I don't have insurance yet so i can't get it but i suggest everyone to look into it. It really helps when someone is diagnosed with cancer. Gosh i sound like a salesmen.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A fan of the fan

Do you think they put those really loud fans in public bathrooms because it actually circulates the air well? Or just to keep a loud noise in case someone around the office has to go #2?