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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

"I Suck"

I forgot i wanted to preface this by remembering the Seinfeld episode where Elaine dates a boy who's a bad breaker-upper. He calls her a walking candy apple when they first part, and then tells her it goes well with the bump in her nose the second time. Good thing I don't like having boyfriends-breakups are such drama!
To proceed, yet another post about how shocked I am that a boyfriend of 2 1/2 years couldn't care less about someone who he was apparently in love with.

"10. What ended your last relationship(s)?
Umm, the relationship I consider my last one, not the psycho girl i dated directly after...i would have to say the fact that she sucked. But after a while, it definitely was for the better!"

Oh yes, cause i sucked. I guess he doesn't recall that for 2 months after the breakup, he called me at least once a week to beg for me back. And that he told my sister he's upset that he can't find anyone else like me months after. Or that months and months after he wrote me a letter on my opinion of getting back together, getting married, and having children with him. I guess I shoul be glad I wasn't labled the "psycho girl"-at least not this time.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Hey, Mozart

Happy Birthday!

Lexington Lunch Part II

I'm not one for food adventures. I have a strong gag reflex and a weak stomach. But i can't help but to try my options available at the Lexington Market. Last week was a cheesesteak sandwich; good fries, but just mediocre sandwich. Today i ventured to the Chinese food stand. Well, i've recieved a brown rice mixture with "chicken" pieces swimming in a brown, soy sauce-esqe sauce. This is what they call General Tsos? Maybe i should have ordered what everyone else did: shrimp fried rice with gravy.

Woah, next time i'll go to the deli stand.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Rock Snacks

Turns out there's a snack for rockers too!!

I don't know who those people on the front are, but I'm sure these chips are gonna curb the appetite for drugs and replace it with some good salt and vinegar style!

My lunch

HAHAH. i just about died when i saw this. I don't know about the good marketing stratetgy, but at least it advises to stay in school!

for more...

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Party School

A current "problem" at IUP:

IMPORTANT Please read:

Tony Atwater is currently the president of IUP. Since his first days in office, he has openly discussed his opinion regarding students and drinking.

At first the changes to school policy came slowly; mostly they dealt with harsher penalties and swifter punishment for students living on campus. Also, underagers busted off campus would not only have to deal with the Indiana Police, but also the school as well. (Before if an underage student got in trouble off campus they would recieve no penalties from the university.)

Then Homecoming rolled around. After some rather serious incidents involving students, and non-students alike, Atwater made one decision he would soon regret. He decided to ban all fraternities from having parties, inviting sororities to the chapter house for any reason, among other rules and bullshit regulations. Greeks went apeshit. Protests were held, alumni scheduled to visit for homecoming were outraged, and in general the campus was in an uproar.

He revoked his ridiculous declaration in under 48 hours.

Now Atwater has attacked the local bars of Indiana. That's right kids, all bars in Indiana are no longer permitted to have the drink specials we have come to love so much. Penny drafts- Gone; 1$ Wells-gone; 5cent wells-Gone, along with any other you can think of. After a meeting Atwater held with all of the bar owners, he convinced them to do away with their budget-friendly specials.

It's bad enough that the price of alcohol has gone up state-wide, now we can't even enjoy a couple nights a week where one can go out with ten bucks and have plenty of loot for the evening.

It is a horrible blow to the functioning alcoholics on tight budgets like myself. Let's face it; what college student isn't strapped for cash?

I'd like to try and convince my peers at IUP to ban the bars for one week. I realize it is an unrealistic goal, but think about it. If you care enough about saving money, and giving Atwater a taste of what we're made of, then lets do it.

I propose we do it after superbowl weekend. For one week, just try to stay away. Throw a house party or something, or go to The Brown, or Cozumel, or other bars that don't participate in the penny drafts and what not. You guys know it would work and we would get our beloved specials back.

If your into it repost as much as possible, lets try and do this. Tell everyone you know. I'll be posting flyers around campus as well.

After the superbowl, WE take back what's ours!


Your pal Jimmy T.

I'm really glad they're waiting until AFTER the superbowl. I mean, there's noooo way they could give up the bars while the steelers are playing.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Feeling Kind Of Poopy

There's only a few people in my life that I would consider to be the best of friends. They make me laugh under any circumstances, I could talk or not talk all day to them about anything and about nothing, and they make me feel happier and more alive than anybody else. It's pretty rare to find those people, and I'm sure 193,399 more friends like that won't be entering my life, I only have the few.
The point is, the happiest times in my life are spent with these people, such as my last year of college. I wish i could go back to then-not only because i didn't pay bills and was feeling great from education, but because i loved life with these friends.
The only thing in my life I ever HAVE to be is happy. That may include a job in the music business, it may include lots of money, it may include a husband and kids, but i don't really care as long as i'm happy. So far, the only thing that really makes that come out is my great friends. I realize i can't make a living out of having fun with them, but I'd love to make a living while living with and around them to still enjoy life!

Too bad that can't happen. I'll be moving the next few years, wherever and whenever, and my friends don't want to and won't be with me. They have their lives to fulfill and other priorities of course as well. I'll feel alone because it's hard to make friends (especially this kind), and i won't enjoy life as much as i know it can be enjoyed. I realize there's no real solution to this other than get over it ashley and stop being winey. But that's why I'm feeling kind of poopy.

Red Rum

Dyed my hair last night.
Image hosting by Photobucket

The boss says:
"Oh, new look?"
"Yep...I have to get my hair cut soon so I didn't want it to look weird and blonde/black."
"Cut your hair? What are you going to do, shave it? There's nothing to cut! Well, there's no hair policy in this office. Maybe in some, but you're free to do whatever you want here."

That was a relief. I used to be quite nervous at what my mother would say when I was living at home. But thankfully living on my own now, I can wear my nose ring down, dye my hair, and go out of the house in whatever I want and not worry about what she'll have to say. Now all i have to worry about is what a job will say-and it looks like i'm free there too!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Chain Letters

I hate them. Especially these-i can go view your profile to see what your relationship status is.
Whoever made this one up didn't even think about relating the drug to the situation. As we all know, i'm a huge junkie, so i'm thinking it should go from this:

If you're single & love it.
If you're single & whatever happens, happens.
If you like someone but they don't know.
If you're taken.
If you're taken & madly in love.
Captain Morgan:
If you like someone who doesn't like you back.
If u are confused about someone
If you feel like giving up on love all together.
Crystal Meth:
If u like someone and they like you back but haven't asked you out yet.

To this:
You'll always be in love with one person, probably won't get over them.
You're madly in love.
You need to tell someone you like them right away.
You're in love but you fight a lot.
You're in love and can't get enough of the person.
You feel like giving up on love all together.
If you're single & whatever happens, happens.
You're really confused.
You're teeth are kinda gross

Alright, i could have come up with much more clever answers hearing all the stupid lameass drug stories i do from gutterpunk junkie extroadinaire, but it's the end of the day and i'm tired, give me a break.

Oooo, by the way, call me marijuana. Or acid. Or lame for this stupid blog.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Just another day in the office of 666

Looks like someone wouldn't reccomend people moving to vegas

Friday, January 20, 2006

Yes, Crass is on my jacket

My luck has it that the majority of "punk rock" kids in central pa hate me. Fortunately, i had the opportunity to drink at an establishment we both frequent a few months ago. I just happened to be sporting my studded leather jacket and mohawk at the time when a fella came up to say, "oh, is Crass on your jacket?" "Well, ya, they're awesome." "HAHAHAHA." Sidesplitting enough as it is, he writes "way to have a jacket with all the quintessential punk rock bands and a perfectly done mohawk...loser," or something equally as awesome. I don't like drama and i don't care what people think of me-i simply find this story almost as amusing as when a naked girl tried to beat my ass.
Well, i finally got my chance at a retort-he now has a mohawk. Excuse me, a FAUXhawk. I congratulated him on the quintessential look.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Lindsay Grosshan

As if i don't already hate her enough, or despise the fact that she dates Jared Leto, PITNB says:

Lindsay Lohan is so addicted to smoking doctors have prescribed her pills to help her quit.
The star's mum, Dina, says she smokes less than a pack of cigarettes each day but is still struggling to kick the habit.
Dina is quoted on the MSNBC website as saying: "She smokes under a pack a day. She's addicted. The doctor put her on an anti-smoking pill.

Less then a pack of cigarettes? True, i may be no smoker, but i'm pretty sure THAT'S NOT THAT MUCH. She's just mad she'll have to start eating instead of puffing again.

The Big Phat Morning Show

Since tape and fm recievers die on me, I choose to listen to the talk radio show on the black radio station on my morning drive to work. Yesterday it amused me when they played a tape of the major of New Orleans giving a speech during Martin Luther King day. He said, New Orleans needs to be chocolate!! All chocolate, all the time. Chocolate created the area, and they will rule it. The host in the background screamed "it's Hershey Park!"

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Sin City

I should be so excited to move. I should remember the days I wanted to be a vagabond and just party my guts out being content working a silly young job like Hot Topic. I should look forward to moving with two of my good friends. I should want to explore the possibilites of new careers. But all i can do is stress out about the situation...
I have a couple options but none seem to forecast the fun, adventurous, spontaneous thoughts i had imagined.
I could move in April, hoping the boys can switch over to a 3 bedroom apt for my benefit, but then Bethany would either have to crash on our couch for a month or she'd have to wait to move out until August.
I could move in May and crash for a month on a sofabed hoping Bethany moves out in June and searching for an apartment for the two of us-this option leaves me having to buy and provide furniture. This option possibly making me crash for 2 months if Bethany doesn't move until July. This option being-I can't inconvenience someone for 2 months.
I could stay at home...wait, this isn't an option.
I could sublet an apartment in Baltimore until July even though Hilary and Robert would be gone, leaving me with zero friends and hating my life. Wait, this isn't an option either.

So I need to get over that hump where I worry about my life and career-i'm only 22! I need to concentrate more on what just makes me happy. Hopefully living in party city central will accomplish that

Monday, January 16, 2006

No call back

Ah, being stood up. Quite possibly the thing I hate most that people do to me. But there are some friends that i will always have, who i love dearly, but who say they have plans with me and then never call when it's supposed to actually happen. So then they wait a couple weeks, maybe a couple months, and they'll be okay again to hang for a bit and then stand me again. I used to get real mad, but now I've come to expect it from those certain people. Oh well, I make other plans now...

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Yummy yummy punk rock girls

I had a dream last night that I ran into the drummer of the Queers, apparently his name being "Pea" at the time. Then I ran into Ryan Bertuzzi, a friend from college. Both asked if I would be the Queers' new drummer.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Actual City Life

Well, I've started my new job. Which means I don't get to post stupid things everyday or read everyone else's blogs full of stupid things. I have to do real work. Or pretend I am, or call assistant things "real work" because it makes me feel special.
I'm working in downtown Baltimore, right near Lexington Market. It reminds me how much I love New York City because everything is so convenient; a bagel shop, laundremat, and liquor store on every block. You can walk the streets with many other people and feel great that you're so independent and self sufficient but feel a bond with all these other people at the same time. Walking in the area everyday is the first time I've felt like this in Baltimore. Don't get me wrong, I love living next to the rich houses with a short distance to Hampden-but it's just nice going to work feeling like a City Gal! (or City Rat)
I was walking to the market to check out my lunch options and on the way back realized not only was I the only white, under 30 person walking along the street of perhaps 10-15 people, I was the only non-crackhead. Everyone around me was talking to themselves and stumbling. I'm not even scared that it's a ghetto area if all I have to look out for is running into one of them.

Monday, January 09, 2006

The Dating Game

MSN listed reasons you shouldn't use to date:

1. Your friends want you paired off
2. You can't stand to be alone
3. Well, he did ask
4. You're "that age"
5. You want someone to fix your life
6. You want to further your career

I'm only 22 and I've had some pretty great boyfriends so I can't say if I would or wouldn't follow these reasons if the situation presented itself. It's hard for me to think if when i'm 35 and not in a relationship if i would just date or marry someone because he asked, and i'm that age, and the rest of my friends are hitched. I'll never do number 5-a man can't fix my life if i can't. But I'm pretty sure I'd do number 6-if it's furthering my career what can it hurt? And when don't i do number 2...there's always someone on the backburner because otherwise i get bored.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

If you don't like Fall Out Boy

This is funny

Friday, January 06, 2006

sitting at home watching tv is not that great

Because i got turned down from a job that required answering phone calls, greeting people, and scheduling a calender. Because I can't afford to only work 20 hours a week. Because I just wasted gas money for 3 interviews in 3 days and they didn't matter. And because I have 30 dollars to last me until I get another job.